What is capillary damp?

Capillary rising damp occurs in buildings without a damp-proof course. The main building material is porous, and the surface tension of ground water causes it to rise through tiny capillary pores

  Health hazzard

The odour of dampness and spoilt water
is created through fungi and mould, emitting millions of bacteria in the room. Mould can produce toxic substances known as mycotoxins


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  Other damp

Not all dampness in buildings is due to rising damp. Leaking water pipes or failed roofs and gutters may allow water to percolate through masonry


Mounted PROsystem

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The activity of PROsystem is based on the fact that water moves within the electromagnetic field due to internal tensions caused by different poles between the wall and the soil.

Firstly, water from the highest levels of the walls to which it has risen slowly begins to move towards the lower parts. In the initial phase of the system, when the damp inside the walls starts moving, it can result in an increased evaporation of damp into the space that causes increased atmospheric humidity.